Lighten Your Bathroom

29 May 2020

We can’t all be blessed with lofty bathrooms straight from a Pinterest feed, but we can always play around with existing features to give the illusion of a lighter and more spacious bathroom. If you think about it, a bathroom is a very intimate space (think of all the personal activities you take care of in there!) and you spend a lot of time within those four walls, so it should be a clean, aesthetically pleasing environment that promotes well-being.

If your bathroom's feeling a bit dark, give one of these brightening solutions a go.



The obvious one is to add more natural lighting. If you’ve got the patience and the resources to do it, adding a skylight is a great way to open up the space, and it will add extra ventilation too. If you can’t add natural lighting, experiment with artificial lights! Scattering is a neat little trick–install wall lights or mirror lights of different sizes and levels of brightness to distribute light across the room. Having more than one source of light will transform your bathroom with the flick of a switch.


Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors, glass shower walls, and other translucent materials such as textured glass can be used to channel the power of subtle reflections to your advantage. Reflective surfaces allow light to bounce off and across, making any room look brighter. Use glossy mosaic tiles, reflective surfaced hardware such as taps, and gold or silver fixtures, or for a more instant solution, decorate your bathroom with metallic candle holders or glass vases.



As a colour with no hue, white simply reflects and scatters all the visible wavelengths of light, so your bathroom will magically appear brighter and bigger. White also tends to trigger a sense of psychological and physiological well-being! However, if your bathroom is really tiny and there isn’t a lot of light already, opt for a neutral ‘near-white’ tone to avoid creating a flat tone.


Sell Your Bathroom

If you’re selling your house, your bathroom needs just as much attention as any other room. You should present it in its best light–literally! Make sure your bathroom is spotless, decluttered, and welcoming. Home buyers take note of how a place makes them feel as well as its physical attributes, so don't neglect any space.

If you need to spruce up your bathroom or even your whole house, but you’d rather not spend money on decor you won’t get to enjoy, hiring a home staging service could be a smart decision. Home stagers can furnish your house in a way that is appealing for potential buyers, so you can get a higher sales value in a shorter amount of time.


Interested in learning more about home staging services, or keen to hear more home presentation tips? Talk to your local agent and take advantage of their expert advice. Find your go-to here.

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