Award Winners 2022 and 2023 Preview

16 Nov 2023

Arizto’s best and brightest will gather in Auckland on November 29th to celebrate another challenging but rewarding year in real estate with the annual Christmas gathering.

An important time to take stock of the accomplishments of past 12 months and get together with their fellow agents and support staff from around the country, there has been time for some nostalgia for the a few of the stars of 2022.

Arizto recognises their top performers by region as well as overall nationally, although the main focus of the Christmas ‘do’ is for everyone to have a good time.

Looking to enjoy it once again will be Christchurch’s Anna James, recognised with the most sales in 2022 with 46.

Approaching 10 years experience in real estate, James has embraced the Arizto model that allows salespeople to do what they do best – connect with buyers and sellers and offer them great service with a more streamlined approach to administrative requirements.

And nothing works better than ‘word of mouth’ - with over 40 sales in 2022, that’s a lot of testimonials going out to the friends and family of her satisfied customers.

"My referral business has gone through the roof. It’s become quite organic.

"The last 12 months I’ve done 71 sales, I’m a glutton for punishment.

"You’ve got to be well organised. The phone always goes, there’s always something to think about.

"You have to keep your clients happy and they sing your praises."

Still offering the flat commission fee in Canterbury, which has been a point of difference compared to her previous brand, James has built up her business so strongly she can lower her overheads like advertising – although the old school approach of dropping flyers in the neighbourhoods around a new listing, and then another drop when it sells, also bears fruit.

Right from when buyers walk into an open home, James makes sure they feel welcome, because you never know when it is an audition to potentially list their own homes.

"You kind of make friends with all your buyers.

"I’ve sold them the house without them realising I sold them the house. They thank you for helping them."

Looking at her sales reports, James had an inkling her name was going to be called last year, but feels Arizto already gives her so much more than platitudes.

"I don’t do it to get awards, it’s nice to be recognised, but I’m not someone who needs a pat on the back.

"I’ve always been well looked after – I love the brand."

Not expecting to step forward in 2022 was the mother of four from Helensville, as Kara Singer was named the 2022 Rising Star recipient.

"Absolutely surprised – I didn’t even know there was an award like that," she said.

Singer had come to Arizto in July 2021 after not being entirely happy with the traditional real estate company she was with.

"Office duty, caravans, ego team meetings – that sort of jazz – I tried that.

"The reason why I changed to Arizto was to get out of the office setting.

"I had a lot of support from a few my colleagues already. I found that I could just build momentum, getting mentored by them.

"The technology is so user friendly and it’s pretty simple to follow."

She credits the likes of Te Rere Blakelock and Toni Talijancich for giving good advice as she found a work schedule that worked for her busy lifestyle, while Mike Mattson was always there for a pep talk when times were tough.

And of course, the big boss Pernell Callaghan – always supportive.

"He has honestly been the backbone of my success. He is such a true leader and everyone respects that man."

Singer will look forward to catching up with them and others on awards night.

"It’s very casual and that’s what I love about Arizto as well, it suits a mum wanting to come back into the workforce.

"There’s actually no egos. Everything is on your terms."

It’s not been an easy year selling real estate in Singer’s lovely Northland town, but Singer was still able to work hard and meet the goal she set for herself in 2022.

"I just wanted my second house, and I got it.

"Going through a market like that, if you’ve got what it takes, you can endure the rest.

"I’m blessed to be close to my community. Reputation’s everything around here – a small community and everyone talks."

There’s one more name both Singer and James wanted to thank, a hard-working man who was sitting in the back of the room chatting with other agents when his name was called as Outstanding Support Staff Member.

Head Office Team Member Andy Cook is an original – joining Arizto in 2018 before the company went public, as the video editor in a team of six people at the first office in Manukau.

He and Rachit Kushwaha became the listings media team, assisting the photographers to prepare their photos for online listings, and then over the years they took on more branding and marketing for a growing company.

"In 2018 there were no Real Estate apps so we were embarking into new territory.

"It’s just been one year scaling, and scaling...and scaling – and like all of our team, adjusting to it.

"But it’s been a fantastic journey.

"Marketing, design, dealing with clients and assisting them creatively is a passion for me.

"I’m lucky to do a job that I love and get paid to do."

Cook has also championed the mobile nature of the company – just like the agents, he does not necessarily need an office location to deliver them the tools they need for their businesses.

"Through the pandemic period, when everyone was working from home, you had to go, ‘this is my home space, but also my work space’, and change that mindset.

"Technology is an improvement, an asset, to this kind of service."

It’s a busy time of year – late November and early December – with Cook working with a host of agents who want to make sure all their personal marketing and billboard-type advertising are ready to go for the New Year, not to mention the rush to get listings live before Christmas.

Even on awards night, he’s likely to get a few enquires (you can wait until the morning, guys) but also, a lot of grateful thanks – and that means as much as any award.

"It was an opportunity to soak in the value I bring to the company.

"It was absolutely humbling, fantastic to hear [your name called].

"We are a very small team. Personally, I believe everyone is a great staff person."

See you all at the 2023 awards!

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